Free Voice Traffic Generation for Push To Talk (PTT) Radio

Parrot is a Radio Technology agnostic (Analog or Digital) Automated Voice Traffic Generator for Push to Talk.

Paired to a compatible Radio it automates Traffic Generation Tasks.

If you want to help, and if you can do so, please make a donation to my projects and encourage others to do so.

System Requirements

Windows 10 OS 64 bit.

A compatible Analog or Digital Push To Talk Radio with Mic/Earphone plug.

APRS Audio Cable. You can find one here.


  • Technology Agnostic Voice Traffic Generation for Push To Talk (PTT)
  • Built In Voice Recording Engine
  • Traffic Generation based on Time Points
  • Text To Speech Synthesys
  • Text To Speech and Audio Recording Script Editor.

Additional downloads

Download the Guide to Install Additional Text To Speech Voices Here

You can find the compatible audio cable here